McKenzie Named as 2020 Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Fellow

WTAII PLLC nominated Ray D. McKenzie to be a member of the 2020 class of Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) Fellows.  The LCLD Fellows initiative was created to identify, train, and advance the next generation of leaders in the legal profession.  The year-long program has its initial meetings February 21–23, 2020.  Mr. McKenzie is thrilled to learn from others in the program and to contribute to the growth and development of this next generation of legal leaders.

Fourth Circuit Rules Litigants Must Assert Arbitration Rights in Foreign Litigation to Preserve Them

Litigants Should Expressly and Unequivocally Assert Arbitration Rights Early in Foreign Litigation—Fourth Circuit Ruling Suggests Failure to Do So Might Result in Forfeiture

In Iraq Middle Market Development Foundation v. Mohommad Ali Mohammad Harmoosh, the Fourth Circuit clarified the standard district courts should apply to determine whether an arbitration clause provides a viable means of invalidating an adverse foreign judgment. The Fourth Circuit explained that a party seeking to enforce an arbitration clause must expressly assert the right to arbitrate in both domestic litigation and in foreign tribunals.